Sons of Abraham

Men’s Fellowship – The Sons of Abraham of the Fountain of Love parish is a Bible-based forum for interaction among the men of the church.


Our Vision:

As a group, our goals are:


Our Mission is to:


Our Objective

Our primary objective is to supplement the efforts of the church leadership in caring for the wellbeing of the total man – spirit, soul and body. This we do by rallying support for our brethren when needed; by sharing information/knowledge that will be of value to them; by holding spiritual meetings together.

We are also project oriented. While the church leadership bears the overall responsibility of providing adequate infrastructure and facilities in the church, the Sons of Abraham takes up small projects in the church as opportunities arise. Such projects are funded wholly by the contributions of our members.

The Sons of Abraham also organise joint meetings with the Women’s Fellowship, where issues relating to the family are discussed.

We have a Sons of Abraham blog / forum where men can read relevant articles and join in discussion.

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