The Potter's Hand (formerly Faith Clinic)

The Faith Clinic (TFC) started on 4th of July 2005. It was Born out of a passion to see people who are down on life come to know the relief that Jesus Christ gives.

This is based on what the Lord Jesus Christ says in Matthew 11:28 –

“Come to me all you who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”.

Over the years the project has attracted a good number of people from different ethnic background and nationalities who see no future in their addictive behaviours. Some have gone through the penal system with all the stigma that come with such pasts. They find hope when they come to TFC. In early 2015, it was renamed The Potter’s Hand.



We do engage in several activities to foster team building and individual confidence. The activities could be both indoor and outdoor e.g. table tennis, snooker, football and bowling.

We have class for English teaching and Computer and IT training



L… was hooked on alcohol, but he is recovering and now reunited with his family. The family did not want to have anything to do with him, but that has all changed now.

D… was a service user in TFC who has come clean of drugs and moved to England to start a new life as a truck driver.

S… who used to be homeless and would not want to listen to the gospel has been transformed by God’s grace and now has his own accommodation.


On-going Needs



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