About Welfare Items Available

Who are the Welfare Team and how does it fit into the church vision.

  • We meet weekly to pray for individuals and the church as a whole.
  • We attend to peoples’ financial needs by loaning out money and allowing the borrower to refund in installment without interest
  • A substantial amount is given to the faith clinic from monthly collection dues to assist the homeless.
  • Some of the needs arising in the mother church and newly established parishes are met with these funds.
  • We also serve as a link to assist brethren in search of accommodation and Jobs.
  • We are involved in the follow up of new guest
  • Plans for visitation are in progress.


Why Join the Welfare Team?

  • Join us if you want to make a positive difference in someone’s life without necessarily been “loud”.
  • Join us if you want to help people meet their needs and you love putting a smile on every face you encounter.
  • Join us if you are in need of a challenging yet rewarding (earthly and heavenly) area of ministry in the church.


Currently by the grace of God we are able to meet the needs of at least 70% of those who come to us. Our goal is to make 100%. We invite you to help us achieve this.

You will be glad you did!!!!!

Be a part of this success story.

Sample Item

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Email: info@fountainoflove.org.uk Telephone: (01224) 574511

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