The hospitality team draws a lesson from our father Abraham, due to his hospitable heart entertained angels in Genesis 18 v 6-8, without knowing they were angels of the Lord.

We are a team with passion to serve the Lord – by welcoming every member of the Church and visitors with an open arm and to embrace one another in the love that has bound us together in unity by Jesus Christ. We also aim to express this love by helping to make our gathering friendlier to all people.

As the Hospitality team, we invite you to join us at our table at the Fountain House. We are always available to serve you after every Church service. We serve hot and cold drinks with a variety of snacks and nibbles. We are also on hand to serve at other functions through the year….

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If you want to Come Dine with the Lord – Join our hospitality team and your life will never be the same

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