What To Expect


Safety Guide To Follow When You Arrive At Fountain House


Hands Hygiene

Please use the hand sanitisers at the entrance on your way in and ensure you wash your hands more frequently when you need to

Temperature Check Point

For safety of everyone, temperature checks will be carried out by the Medics at the holding area before you enter the main hall

Holding Area

An holding area will be available for those in need of medical attention to be attended to by the medic

Social Distancing

We will be observing the safe social distancing guidelines within the premises of the church and we will be refraining from physical contact

Traffic Management / Direction

Please use the floor markings to follow the directions, there will be a one-way flow of congregants to enter and exit the church. Obey the ushers when directed to follow the signs

Giving and Offering

Only Online Giving, Offering and Tithe are recommended in the Actual Service

Catch It Bin It and Kill It

Please use tissues to sneeze or cough and dispose the tissues in any of the waste disposal bins available around the church. Please wash your hands immediately

Face Covering

Please wear a face mask when you are entering the church and ensure your hands are clean before using the face mask to cover your nose, mouth and chin

Changing Room and Car seats for Babies

No changing room or car seats. This facility is neither available nor allowed

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